Crop Insurance  06/22/12 10:44:16 AM

In recent years, crop insurance has become an indispensible risk management and financial tool for farmers.  The Federal Multi-Peril Revenue Policy will guarantee you an amount of revenue per acre, determined by your own yield history (APH) and the current bushel prices taken from the Chicago Board of Trade. 

First Express Insurance has been a leader in the Region for many years in advising producers and providing coverage that fits each operation's unique features. All crop insurance policies are NOT the same; there are several options that should be looked at before arriving at your coverage, and these usually change from year to year.  It is critical to keep abreast of these changes, and First Express takes this role very seriously.

We also provide various types of Crop-Hail coverage, including endorsements for wind (both green snap and lodging).

We have many years of experience.  Ross Silcock has written crop insurance policies since 1986, including some wild years like the flooding of 1993 and of course 2011.  Ross has experienced all of the changes over the years in the Federal program, and will put this experience to work in guiding you in your coverage selections.  Mike Payne has a strong background in crop insurance both as a company underwriter and adjuster.  Mike's technical knowledge of how companies handle crop insurance is extremely valuable to our agency and our many crop insurance clients.
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