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As an independent all-lines insurance agency, First Express Insurance can select from several insurance companies to find coverage that fits your Homeowners or Renters situation. We believe it is very important that you are aware of all of the options available to you and will help you choose those that are most suitable for you.

Renters policies are simply Homeowners policies without a home, and provide coverage for your personal property (furniture, clothes, appliances, electronic stuff, etc) and personal liability (which pays amounts you become legally liable for as the result of damage to someone else or to their property).

The most important role for an agent in providing Homeowners policies is determining the correct amount of coverage on your home. The ideal way is to insure your home for the amount it would take to rebuild it in the event of a total loss. We determine this amount based on the home's square footage, number of stories, construction type (frame, brick, etc), and unusual features. We get this basic information from your county assessor's office, most of which are on line. 

The worst situation to be in is when your house would cost, for example, $200,000 to rebuild, but you are only carrying $100,000 on it.  The $100,000 is the most you could collect.  Or, let's say your roof blows off in a storm and would cost $15,000 to replace. Because you only have half the insurance you should have had ($100,000 instead of $200,000), the policy will only pay half your loss, so $7500 instead of $15,000.  So for a few more dollars in premium you can avoid these sorts of situations.

There are few ways to manipulate your coverage amount but still avoid having your loss only partially paid.  We are happy to go over these options with you and help you decide what coverage and policy type suits you best.

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