Health Insurance  06/22/12 10:46:09 AM

It is hard to talk about Health Insurance without getting into the political arena.  In the US, the Federal Government provides a national program for folks generally over the age of 65. Excellent broad coverage can be had through the combination of Medicare A, Medicare B, Prescription Drug Plan D, and a Medigap supplement (plan F is a popular choice). This package of policies often provides broader coverage than individual health insurance for folks under 65 and for less cost.

For folks under 65, the obvious best situation is to work for an employer that pays for your health insurance, or at least some portion of it.  In general, group coverage at work will apply to you regardless of your health situation.  Many people, however, want to be self-employed, or work where there is no health insurance provided, but it can be very difficult to find individual coverage at a reasonable cost, especially, of course, if you have health issues.  Perhaps the best way to look at this is to buy a policy that covers catastrophic events, like a $100,000 hospital bill, rather than every doctor visit or prescription drug.  Such a catastrophic policy will cost less in general, although the premiums are still tough to handle, especially as you get closer to age 65, and you still have to pay doctor visits and prescriptions out of pocket.  The key to getting individual health insurance is to stay healthy and keep your height/weight ratio in the right range.

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